Forgot yesterdays! ;x


blah defininately too hot!! sooo hot!! its crazy! its really uncomfortable : ( yea i forgot to post yesterdays! and my excuse is:D I was out alll day long so i didnt get the chance to do it! … ive been getting either really busy or really distracted! and i know ive been neglecting my blog and my bloggers 😦 hopefully soon i will be able to return to my schedule of posting once a day agian!

Pray for Norway


So many things happening around the world 😦 So many people losing loved ones and important people.  these are all unfortunate events 😦 and i pray for the safety of the rest and pray for those who have been victims of these disasters.

Tumbler Cup


Bought a new tumbler cup today! been wanting it for a looong time now.. dunno why! but yea X) its insulated to keep my drinks cold 😀 and yea ;3 comes with awesome straws.  er it came in a set of 2.  ones pink and the other clear with flower things on it! but for some reason i cant get the flower one opened ;/ oh wells! been a long day so im sorry for the lousy drawing again today 😛

Seals Face

Sorry guys today was a LONG day I was up till 5 am reading again!  Then i was woken up twice in the morning.  Today i also got 2 interviews!! yay right? WRONG I looked them up and they were both scams -_- anyways long day … tablet is not with me today so sorry for the er simple drawing.  but I did come across a new program and wanted to try it out. 🙂 copic markers on the comp?! sounds cool right?